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Traffic Citations...
Charged with a Traffic Citation? If so, you face possible fines, points, and insurance premium increases. Contact the DUI Attorneys at PA DUI Defenders to protect your rights, as well as your driving privileges. 

Charged with Driving Under Suspension? If convicted, you face another suspension. Charged with Driving Under Suspension – DUI related? You face a mandatory minimum jail sentence of 60 days, as well as another 12 month suspension.

In both instances, you NEED an experienced and aggressive attorney.

•  You may have been illegally stopped. 
•  The police officer may not have complied with the law in citing or charging you. 
•  You may not have had proper notice of your suspension (if you are charged with Driving Under Suspension) which is a defense. 
•  You may have mitigating factors which the judge might consider in reducing the charge or citation. 
•  You may be eligible for an Occupational Limited License (OLL) or a probationary license. In fact, it is shocking that some attorneys do not actually know that individuals whose license is suspended for driving under suspension, where the underlying suspension was an indefinite suspension for failure to respond to a citation, are eligible for an OLL.

DUI Attorneys Mielnicki, Petro and Pometto understand the Vehicle Code, and have a proven track record of reducing fines, reducing points, and avoiding additional suspensions. Just like our reasonable DUI fees, we also offer such for Traffic Citations and Driver’s License issues. 

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